Seitz Orion 40C60 and diverting-plate kit for 2 stage-filtration

Manufacturer: Seitz (SEN / KHS)
No. of plates: 59
Plate size: 40
Article-number: Orion - 40C60
  • plate size 40x40
  • rack length for 60 plates
  • filter made out of: VA / AISI 316 / DIN 1.4404 (1.4571)
  • comes with outside product-channels
  • mobile version with new wheels
  • equipped with 59 new black plastic plates and 2 new plastic end plates
  • new seals silicone red
  • fliter plates and seals with food-grade-certificate
  • new diaprhragm glycerin manometer S/Steel (0-10bar / 0-145 psi)
  • product valve connections DN40

    additionally with
  • diverting plate kit consisting of:
    - 2 special plastic end plates
    - 3mm stainless steel divider
    - sealing set
    Optional with:
    - with riser-pipe on the movable valve cover for optimal
      product distribution between the lower and upper plate channel and
    - Sight glass fitting with ventilation unit and new diaphragm
      seal glycerin stainless steel pressure gauge (0-10bar)
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