SEN - Seitz Zenit 40A45, also usable for Food Grade Oil /Argan Öl

Manufacturer: Seitz (SEN / KHS)
No. of plates: 45
Plate size: 40
Article-number: SEN - 40A45
  • Filter in new condition
  • (identical in construction "Hilge Diamant")
  • Plate size 40x40
  • Rack length for 45 plates
  • Spindle socket, wheel arm holders + coating steel pipes new
  • mobile version with steering column + new wheels
  • new bourdon tube pressure gauge
  • equipped with 45 used gray plates and 2 used gray-endplates
  • Filter plates gray oil resistant suitable for food oils / argan oil
  • Seals material NBR black new with food certificate
  • Product-Valve connections DN32
  • As Option
    - New drip tray stainless steel
    - Steam Valve
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