SEN Seitz Orion 60B80

Manufacturer: Seitz (SEN / KHS)
No. of plates: 79
Plate size: 60
Article-number: SEN Orion 60B80
  • Filter rebuilt
  • Plate size 60x60
  • Rack lenght for 80 plates
  • Motor Hydraulic pressing system
  • Stationary Version
  • individually equipped with up to 79 stainless steel filter plates and 2 VA end plates
    Alternatively suitable for Kieselgurfiltration with up to 21 kieselgur-frames,
    22 stainless steel filter plates and 2 kieselguhr end frames
  • Filter surface up to 25m²
  • new seals silicone red with food certificate
  • Product valves connections DN50
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