Sightglass complete Orion / Zenit 40 SS Diaphragm Seal

For manufacturer: Seitz (SEN / KHS)
For plate size: 40
Article-number: Schauglas 40-S1

For high standard of perfect hygiene:

As Complete Sideglas Spareparts
for Seitz Orion 40 and Zenit 40 Filters
and equal Hilge Diamant:

  • 1 sightglass completely consisting of:
  • S/Steel sight glass housing
    Connection DN32 clamp down
    Connection DN25 thread above
    3/8 "female thread side
  • Seal DN25 for top slot
  • 2 gaskets for sight glass tube
  • Sight glass tube
  • Vent Valve 3/8 "Material S/Steel with seal
  • Glycerine pressure gauge stainless steel
  • Diameter Ø: 63mm
  • Pressure 0-10 bar / 145 PSI
  • Pressure transmission through S/Steel diaphragm
  • Connection clamp DN25
  • Condition: New
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