Spareparts for Filter Seitz Orion / Zenit 40x40 + 60x60

For manufacturer: Seitz (SEN / KHS)
For plate size: 40
Article-number: Spareparts-Seitz-total FR /EN

Filter gaskets, brewery gaskets and other spareparts for plate and frame filters from Brand Seitz ( SEN / KHS ), Schenk, Pall, Hilge, Filtrox , H&K Getra, Begerow, Eaton you can find on our webside.

  • Seal for Seitz Orion / Zenit Filter
  • Material silicone Red color
  • suitable for filter plate / end plate thickness 13mm
  • steamed
  • Temperature resistant up to 200 ° Celsius
  • with EU and FDA material certificate available
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