Temperature control unit

Manufacturer: DIVERSE
Automatic: fully automatic
Output [bottles/h]: 2500
Article-number: Temp-01

Mobile liquefied gas operated plant for the temperature control of liquids without suspended parts. The basic idea
of the plant is e.g. the wine tempering after filtering by a certain Increase the number of degrees.The advantages are:

  • The service life of the filter material is significantly extended
  • No volume fluctuations / overfilling in connection with natural corks
  • Performance of the 18kw
  • plant Required gas: Propane gas
  • Example calculation: 2,000 liters of 11 ° Celsius warm to 20 ° Celsius
    = 9 ° are needed = 18,000 kcal / h ~ 15.12kw
  • Energie 230V/50Hz
  • Dimensions length 102 x width 75 x height 160cm
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